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Life Insurance


Historically, life insurance has served as an inheritance to beneficiaries once the insured dies, however, there is no longer a need for you to die in order to receive the benefit. Let us explain: in case of serious (heart attack), terminal (cancer) or chronic (unable to perform 2 of your 6 vital functions, such as bathing and walking) illnesses, even if you do not die, you will receive up to 90% of the money during your lifetime.



At US Insurance we have a variety of products that will help you protect your future and that of your family through plans such as:


Term life insurance

Term insurance is the simplest and cheapest option of a life insurance policy. The essence is to protect you for a specific period of time where you are most vulnerable, for example 20 years. Normally this form of protection is very cheap. For a healthy person the prices range from $20 to $40. There are also life benefits for chronic, critical or terminal cases.


Life insurance with savings

Universal or accumulation life insurance is the perfect formula, linking protection with retirement savings. And this money, which grows with compound interest at an average of 7.25%, is tax-free. It is the most expensive option of all, but it is the ideal way to take care of the family and plan for future savings.


Permanent life insurance

Permanent life insurance is the most comprehensive and ideal coverage because it protects you throughout your life. It is the true testament for your family and in case of a serious health event, it will protect you at any age. It is more expensive than term life insurance, but it gives you the option to return the premium paid after 25 years of the policy.


Life insurance with living benefits

Life insurance is the way to ensure financial stability for our loved ones when we pass away. It serves as a legacy, as a family inheritance to continue caring for loved ones in the event of our absence. In the event of a serious illness or disability, you can use the money in the policy to continue paying your household bills.

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